Building Muscle "Adonis Golden Ratio" SHOCKING RESULTS! (with PICTURE)

Research proves the Adonis Golden Ratio is strongest, leanest, and most muscular form genetically possible your body can be in without drugs...SHOCKING RESULTS!
In addition, the Adonis Golden Ratio has been called “The Perfect Body Formula” by Men’s Health magazine.

When it comes to building muscle, burning fat and getting into amazing condition, there are dozens of 'rules' you've likely already established for yourself in your mind...

You likely have an idea of exactly how much protein you think you should be eating each day... 

You probably also have an idea of what you should be eating and drinking for a pre-workout shake or meal...

You've likely got a list of supplements that you should be taking as well as specific times of day to take them...

Then, of course, there are the theories of how you SHOULD be working out. Naturally, you've probably been told somewhere along the way that the 'big 3' lifts of squatting, bench press, and dead lifting are essential to building serious muscle. 

Perhaps you've been told about specific patterns of the workout itself and when it's best to do compound lifts vs isolation lifts. 

Heck, you might even have read about the best time of day to lift weights and how many days rest you should be taking between these workouts.There is so much information floating around cyberspace and likely floating around in your head… you can't really be sure what to do. This could actually leave you somewhat paralyzed with information overload. 

It's also called "Analysis Paralysis"...… or Failure to Launch

You get the drift...

In order to get the body you really want and get it fast, the first thing you need to do is get CLEAR on what your goals are and discard any advice or information that you hear that is not inline with your goals. 

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Unfortunately this over load of information can sidetrack us from getting the body we really want and leads to something I call…… 'Goal Hijacking'

Goal Hijacking - The never-before-discussed quicksand pit that inevitably results when you start taking advice from an 'expert' who has a different goal in mind than you do. 


For example you most likely started working out to get a ripped muscular looking body…... thats it. And that is a great goal. 
In fact I believe this is the ONLY goal we start out with and it's the ONLY goal even worth pursuing in the gym. 
BUT WARNING - Enter the Goal Hijacker!
This is an 'expert' or a 'guru' who convinces you that your goal should be something else other than your original goal of being muscled and ripped. Most times, it comes cloaked with phrases like "Real men should…"
For many guys, (including myself in my younger days),  it turns into years of bulking up and being fat with no muscle definition at all.  
(You've seen my pics from before I myself started down this journey… all goal hijacking)
For others it turns into an obsession with lifting heavier and heavier weights… … as your workouts become a competition to see how much more you can dead lift instead of how much better does your body actually look.
I can tell you one thing right now… nobody cares how much you can dead lift or bench 
press…and especially women. When was the last time a women said "he's hot I wonder how much he squats" <-- strong="">this never happens.If you've found yourself chasing a goal of strength, or simply gaining bodyweight with no attention to how lean you are, or some other performance outcome then you need to stop right now and ask yourself the following 2 questions:

  1. Is my goal to put on bodyweight for the sake of being heavier, and to gain strength for the sake of being stronger no matter what I look like?
  2. Is my goal to have a ripped muscular body no matter how much weight I can lift, or how much I weigh?
My guess is you answered yes to #2. 

BUT I'm also guessing you might have been caught up chasing #1 for a while. Daily Re-Focusing Helps… So Does Our Community. Write down your goal, keep it in focus and every time you go to the gym remind yourself exactly why you are there. Shield your mind from any information or influences that distract you from your goal. Anytime you see another piece of fitness or diet information that you feel the urge to add to your program stop and ask yourself this one questions: 
Will this move me closer to my goal or not?
If the answer is yes, then do it, if the answer is no, then leave it alone. 
If you can't tell then ask in our forum and you'll get good advice from other Adonis guys 
in the community who have likely already tried whatever it is you're asking about.
This daily re-focusing ritual plus community use should keep you from ever getting your goals hijacked again and move you towards your ideal body faster than ever before.

And you can take that to the bank...

If you're ready to quit being "hi-jacked" and get the body you know you here


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