Ten Cause Why Someone Being Fat

Many factors cause the body to become fat, the following factors that cause the body to become fat:

Unhealthy Diet
Accept this fact, we generally unhealthy diet. Food day we met by the materials that are not good for us. The amount of food consumed daily was generally out of control. Vegetables and fruits are rarely done otherwise we are more interested in food and dikedai mamak at KFC or McDonald. Often we like to go out to eat skipped dinner drinks along with sweet glasses. So because of our obsession to sebeginilah culture that makes us even fatter than-life in days.

Low Metabolism Assessment
Assessment low metabolism causes us to gain weight easily. But you know the muscles can increase the rate of metabolism because muscle burns calories with active. Consistent and systematic exercise can maintain the amount of muscle even though we are old.

Less Exercise
Weight training and cardiovascular help us burn calories. Time when the morning cardio helps burn fat efficiently. Systematic weight training helped built more muscle and increase metabolic rate. So we keep burning calories even when resting.

The label 'Low Fat'
How many of us have thought ramaikah foods labeled 'low fat' also contains 'low calorie'? So before you purchase products labeled low fat make sure you see how many calories the food at all. Many of us first eat low-fat foods because we think it's healthy and not fattening.

Not believe that we deliberately do not eat during the day, we will eat more when it is uncontrollably the next meal time. Not eating will cause your body to lack of calories and nutrients the body to use. Besides, when the stomach is very hungry, we will be easy to choose foods high in calories and fat and will eventually be stored as fat in the belly us.

Size Food Consumption (Portion Size)
Realize our way of life that has been applied to us during this make us lost control of the amount of food we eat every day. Because of this culture we always feel hungry and do not eat enough, even though we've been taking more food than the body that should be required. That's why we easily become obese.

Whenever we are stressed, cortisol levels in the body will also increase. Cortisol helps liberate sugars from the liver and muscles and is responsible for the collection of belly fat. Cortisol also weaken the immune system and causes us susceptible to disease. So subtract less-stressful!

It is no doubt also play a role in determining genetic whether we easily become obese or not. But keep in mind the lifestyle and environmental factors play a more important role than merely genetic.

Suffering from Chronic Diseases
Thyroid diseases such as diabetes and lead to increased production of cortisol in the body which can lead to weight gain. People who have problems like this have to undergo certain treatments of experts to lose weight.

Anti-Depression Drug Intake
Now there are many people who rely on anti-depression to reduce stress in their lives. These drugs slow down your metabolism and affects the hormonal balance in the body. Both of these factors will reduce the body's ability to maintain body weight.
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