Try the following healthy habits 10 Slim Secrets from Various Countries for ideal body weight

10 Slim Secrets from Various Countries

Motivation and a strong desire alone is not enough to help you lose weight and get the ideal body shape. You need a strategy that is smart, wise and mature to achieve desirable body shape. One of them by running certain habits consistently. 

Not just for women, for men, excess weight can snatch confidence and gives a feeling of discomfort, in addition to increase the risk of disease.

The ideal weight is basically achieved by reducing calorie intake compared issued. However, apart from that, there are slim tips that you can try on different parts of the world below.

1. The Thai
Thai cuisine is classified in most spicy foods while local food in the country is actually no less. Capcaisin in chili peppers are known to increase metabolism. However, the main advantage of spicy food is making us eat more slowly. Thus, the body will more quickly sends satiety signals to the brain.

2. Britain
One strategy taken Britons are reducing food portions. Therefore, if you happen to be in fast food restaurants in the country, the waiter will ask if you order french fries in a large or small portion.

3. Brazil
Brazilian people stay slim because they love the traditional foods such as cooked rice with red beans. The study in the journal Obesity Research found that these foods are not only low in fat, but high in fiber.

4. Poland
The majority of Polish people only spend 5 percent of their budgets to eat out. In addition to healthier, eating together at home is also useful to increase the bond between families.

5. German
According to the survey, 75 percent of Germans breakfast at home every day. The breakfast menu usually consists of cereals or bread Cereal intact. Breakfast habits not only make diasup calories less during the day, but also helps concentration.

6. Netherlands
The number of bicycles in the Netherlands there are 18 million, exceeds the amount which is only 16.5 million inhabitants. However, unlike people in other countries who occasionally cycling, 54 percent of the Dutch made cycling as part of a routine, for example, for the office or shopping. The average person taking ruti Netherlands 541 miles each year.

7. India
Yoga is considered as an exercise to relieve stress and increase flexibility and strength. In fact, people who practice yoga typically have a lower body weight than those who did not exercise. Yoga is also beneficial to increase metabolism and self-awareness, including attention to what we eat.

8. Japanese
Although citizens are famous for high preoccupations, but they always set aside 20-30 minutes of time for a nap. Enough sleep known to be useful to suppress the hunger hormone, namely leptin. The more you sleep less hours, higher levels of leptin and ghrelin.

9. Mexico
Mexicans usually eat large meals during the day, ie at 14.00 until 16.00, and reducing the size of the meal in the evening.

10. The French
According to the survey, 92 percent of families in France eating together with family every day. Meal time is the time to communicate. Because of that, they also fill it with a meal together talking. This strategy turned out to be an effect on food diasup. In other words, as more talk, they eat less.

small changes that you make will have a great impact for you later. If you do not believe, try the following healthy habits as early small changes in your life to lose weight in a healthy manner. 

First things first 
One reason why many people fail to change eating habits when dieting is, they start with step one. There are two important factors you need to consider for the body to adjust to a healthy diet to get the ideal body weight, namely: 

  • Change what you eat 
  • Reduce your portion sizes 

Ideally, to maximize the diet both of the above needs to be changed. But, not a good idea anyway if you change both sudden. This is where most people make mistakes. 

Changing your diet is not easy, and you do not need to make radical changes because this program is a long-term program that requires consistency. 

For example, a sudden you are not eating white rice and just eat vegetables and fruits. Indeed, your weight will go down drastically, but are you sure your diet like this will not last long and torturous? 

That is why it is advisable to make changes gradually. If white rice is not recommended to be consumed excessively, you can reduce the portion or replace it with brown rice. Still together rice, but brown rice is more nutritious and low in calories. This is better than not eat rice at all. 

Here are some tips that you can try to help get a healthy diet to achieve ideal weight: 

  • Making small changes on a regular basis is far better than making sudden changes that you can not run in a long time 
  • Use a smaller plate when eating 
  • For your normal eating into three small sections 
  • Make a habit of eating snacks low in calories and high in protein every two hours, so that you do not eat more than the current portion of the main meal 
  • Keep the body hydrated. Sometimes thirst is often mistaken for hunger by some people 
  • Do not do other activities while eating, such as watching TV, chatting, and other woods, so you stay focused with the amount of food you eat 
  • Reduce eating regularly every day until it reaches the ideal healthy eating 
  • Eat slowly and chew your food longer for a full stomach faster 
  • Reduce your stress so as not to experience the emotional eating that can lead to the body of excess calories. 

The second step 
now you have managed to change the diet to gain weight. Now time to move on to the next step, which is to increase physical activity on a regular basis. 

If you often wake up before noon and lounging while watching TV, it would be nice if you try to get up early and do a 20-30 minute jog around your housing complex. 

If you are lazy to leave the house, there are some cardio exercises at home you can do to burn calories as jumping jacks, mountain climbers, and jumping rope. There is also bodyweight training like push-ups, dips, and squats that you can try at home. If you need a more powerful challenge, combine cardio and bodyweight training exercises in circuit training to burn more calories. 

While in office, parking your vehicle further away so you can walk to burn more calories. Use the stairs instead of the lift or ekskalator usual. If possible, do stretching exercises in between your busy life. 

Well, small changes like these that you need to reach your ideal weight, so your body can adapt well and can be a healthy habit that can be done in a long time

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I Totally Understand if You’re Skeptical
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